Welcome to the Hotel Park Ada Children’s Playhouse, where every birthday celebration is an unforgettable adventure! Our playhouse provides the perfect venue for young children to celebrate their special day in a safe and fun environment.
Renting the playhouse room offers the opportunity to organize the birthday party according to your own ideas. Our main attraction is a huge bouncy castle that is guaranteed to bring a smile to every child’s face. In addition to the bouncy castle, the room is equipped with creative corners, slides, and various toys that help develop children’s imagination and movement while they enjoy the joy of play.
Although we do not provide decorations and organized programs, parents are free to bring their own decorations and accessories to create a personalized and unique atmosphere at the party. This flexibility allows parents to have full control over the event, while children can safely play and explore the opportunities offered by the playhouse.
Our staff provides all necessary assistance during the preparations and on the day of the event to ensure the birthday celebration goes smoothly and without any worries. Renting the Hotel Park Ada Children’s Playhouse room is the perfect choice for parents who want to organize a simple, yet memorable and personalized birthday party for their child. Plan the perfect birthday party for your child at the Hotel Park Ada Children’s Playhouse, where the magical world of bouncy castles and toys awaits the little ones, ensuring the best environment to celebrate their special day!